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“Titans’ Song: A Story of Dinosaurs” book launch

11 May 2023 18:30

On 10 May 2023, at 17:30, in the lobby of the National Museum of Natural History, Sofia (NMNHS), the museum’s latest edition called “Titans’ Song: A Story of Dinosaurs” was presented.

The book’s scientific consultants Prof. Nikolay Spassov, and Dr Latinka Hristova, Chief Assistant from NMNHS officially presented the book and its author, talking about their joint palaeontological research in the region of town of Tran, annually organised by the museum. The other two scientific consultants of the book — Prof. Marlena Yaneva, Geological Institute of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, and Dr Docho Dochev, Chief Assistant, Faculty of Geology and Geography at Sofia University, were among the official guests of the event.

The author Vladimir Nikolov, who is a PhD student in the museum, talked about the challenges of writing and personally illustrating the first of its kind popular science book on a palaeontological topic, written by a Bulgarian author in the first person. As a palaeontologist he studies the bone tissues of fossil vertebrates found in Bulgaria and actively participates in the study of the dinosaur site near the town of Tran. The experience gained during these expeditions allows him to transport his readers directly to the field excavations, among research palaeontologists and under the scorching rays of the August sun. The seven stories in the book trace the story of the third expedition to the Tran deposit, which took place in 2020.

The pages bring to life the daily routine of scientists, the work, and difficulties they face, the methods they use to illuminate the history the ancient bones whisper to them by from the depths of time. To the most curious of readers the book also offers a detailed glossary of terms, biographical profiles of the expeditions’ participants and numerous photographs, diagrams and illustrations with reconstructions of the vertebrates who inhabited Bulgaria during the Late Cretaceous period. World-renowned dinosaur expert Prof. Steve Brusatte, who joined the expedition in 2022, lent his support for Vladimir’s first popular science book, writing a short epilogue.

The book was published in partnership with MediaBricks.bg and the proceeds from its sale will be used to fund future palaeontological expeditions of NMNHS team. The book is available in the NMNHS shop and can be ordered online at: shop@nmnhs.com.

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