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Nedko Nedyalkov. Photo: (c) Nedko Nedyalkov
Nedko Nedyalkov. Photo: (c) Nedko Nedyalkov

Nedko Nedyalkov

(Dr, curator)
phone: (+359 87) 8546886, e-mail:

Born 7 September 1982, Chirpan.
Education: MSc in Ecology — Plovdiv University ‘Paisii Hilendarski’ (2006); PhD in Zoology — National Museum of Natural History (Sofia) (2014).

Research interests

Ecology, conservation, taxonomy and evolution of small mammals; feeding biology of birds of prey and owls.

Field experience

Bulgaria, Mongolia (2008), Kazakhstan (2009), Romania (2009), Turkey (2009—2014), Morocco (2013).

Most recent publications

Nedyalkov, N., Boev, Z., 2016. Diet of Barn owl (Tyto alba) and Tawny owl (Strix aluco) in Central Anatolia, Turkey. — Sandgrouse, 38: 79—8. [PDF]

Nedyalkov, N., Levin, A., Dixon, A., Boev, Z., 2014. Diet of Saker Falcon (Falco cherrug) and Eastern Imperial Eagle (Aquila heliaca) from Central Kazakhstan. — Ecologia Balkanica, 6 (1): 25—30. [PDF]

Nedyalkov, N., Koshev, Y., Raikov, I., Bardarov, G., 2014. Color variation of small mammals (Mammalia: Rodentia, Insectivora) coat’s from Bulgaria. — North-Western journal of Zoology, 10 (2): 314—317.

Nedyalkov, N., Koshev, Y., 2014. Small mammals (Erinaceomorpha, Soricomorpha, Rodentia, Lagomorpha) in Besaparski Ridove Special Protection Area (Natura 2000), southern Bulgaria: species composition, distribution and conservation. — Acta zoologica bulgarica, Suppl. 5: 201—212.

Popov, V., Popgeorgiev, G., Plachiiski, D., Nedialkov, N, Todorov, O., 2013. First results from agro-biodiversity monitoring on conventional and organic agroecosystems. — Agrarni nauku, 4 (12): 79—89.

Nedyalkov, N., 2013. New records of some rare rodents (Mammalia: Rodentia) from South East Bulgaria. — Zoonotes, 39: 1—4.

Nedialkov, N., Ragyov, D., Boev, Z., Dixon, A., 2012. Diet of Saker falcon (Falco cherrug) from Moldova and Ukraine. — International Conference on Zoology '50 years Department of Zoology', Programme & Abstracts, University of Plovdiv 'Paisii Hilendarski', Faculty of Biology, Department of Zoology, October 8 — 10, 2012, Hissar, Bulgaria, Plovdiv University Press, 107. [PDF]

Kamburova-Ivanova, N., Koshev, Y., Popgeorgiev, G., Ragyov, D., Pavlova, M., Mollov, I., Nedialkov, N., 2012. Effect of Traffic on Mortality of Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds and Mammals on Two Types of Roads Between Pazadzhik and Plovdiv Region (Bulgaria) — Preliminary Results. — Acta zoologica bulgarica, 64 (1): 57—67.

Ragyov, D., Kmetova, E., Dixon, A., Franz, K., Koshev, Y., Nedialkov, N., 2009. Saker Falcon Falco cherrug Reintroduction in Bulgaria: Feasibility Study. — SESN. Sofia, 2009.

Dixon, A., Ragyov, D., Ayas, Z., Deli, M., Demerdziev, D., Angelov, I., Kmetova, E., Nedyalkov, N., 2009. Population status of breeding Saker Falcons (Falco cherrug) in Turkey. — Avian Biol. Research, 2 (4): 213—220.

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