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Date published: 29 December 2017

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Acarorum Catalogus I — First supplement (2008—2016)

Beron, Petar

2017 — volume 24 — pages 131—154 — [PDF]

Abstract: The monograph of Beron (2008) is completed with the data in 166 papers published between 2008 and 2016 (some of them in 2017), or omitted. Many new taxa have been published, other taxa have been synonymized or altered, mostly by specialists from Germany, Poland, Iran, Spain, Montenegro, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and other countries. Now (by August 2017) are recognized (some of them gen. or sp. inquir.) one genus and nine recent sp.of Calyptostomatidae, 10 genera and 56 sp. of Smarididae and 57 genera and more than 850 sp. of Erythraeidae.

Keywords: Catalogus, supplements, Calyptostomatoidea, Calyptostomatidae, Erythraeoidea, Erythraeidae, Smarididae