Historia naturalis bulgarica

Historia naturalis bulgarica

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National Museum of Natural History
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
1 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

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Historia naturalis bulgarica

ISSN 0205-3640 (print) | ISSN 2603-3186 (online)

Historia naturalis bulgarica (25 volumes, started 1989, online since 2017 [volume 24]) is the official organ of the National Museum of Natural History after it recovered its independence; it offers scientific contributions in the spheres of zoology, botany, palaeontology and mineralogy and original articles on museology, history of natural sciences and natural history institutions.

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Latest: volume 25 (9 March 2018) — [PDF]

Comparative genetic analysis of subfossil wild horses (from the Neolithic Age and Early Bronze Age) and present-day domestic horses from Bulgaria
Dzhebir, Gyulnas; Yordanov, Georgi; Yankova, Iskra; Sirakova, Daniela; Petrova, Maria; Neov, Boyko; Hristov, Peter; Radoslavov, Georgi; Hristova, Latinka; Spassov, Nikolai — pp. 3—10 — [PDF]
Typology of Thracian horses according to osteological analysis of skeletal remains and depictions from the antiquity
Spassov, Nikolai; Iliev, Nikolai; Hristova, Latinka; Ivanov; Vasil — pp. 15—24 — [PDF]