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Currently there are 283 bibliographical references and abstracts to publications with gemmological or mineralogical thematics in the ‘Library’. The section comprises also a glossary with 391 terms.

Jobbins, E. A., Tresham, A. E., Young, B. R., 1975 — Magnesioaxinite, a new mineral found as a blue gemstone from Tanzania — Published in 1975 in ‘Journal of Gemmology’; contains the original description of the mineral axinite-(Mg).
Haüy, R. J., 1801 — Epidote, (m.) c’est-à-dire, qui a reçu un accroissement — Published in 1801 in ‘Traité de Minéralogie’; contains the original description of the mineral epidote.

lazurite — variety of haüyne; data; constituent of lapis lazuli; see lazurite in ‘Classification’
leucite — species of mineral; see leucite in ‘Classification’
limestone — a sedimentary rock composed largely of the minerals calcite and aragonite
linarite — species of mineral; data; faceted specimens exist; soft

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