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Currently there are 279 bibliographical references and abstracts to publications with gemmological or mineralogical thematics in the ‘Library’. The section comprises also a glossary with 381 terms.

Dana, J. D., Brush, G. J., 1868 — E. Lime-Irongarnet; Andradite — Published in 1868 in ‘A System of Mineralogy’; contains the original description of the mineral andradite.
Hoffmann, C. A. S., 1811 — Grossular — Published in 1811 in ‘Handbuch der Mineralogie’; contains the original description of the mineral grossular.

cabochon — type of cut; with curved surface, no facets
calcite — species of mineral; see calcite in ‘Classification’
carbonatiteintrusive or extrusive igneous rock defined by mineralogic composition consisting of greater than 50 percent carbonate minerals
carnelian — variety of chalcedony, quartz; see carnelian in ‘Classification’

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