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Halls can be selected from the floor plan's scheme above. The movement of the panoramic images to the left is done with the help of the buttons on the navigation bar (shown when placing the cursor over the image). The current viewpoint and the section you see are marked on the hall's scheme at the end of the panorama. There may be more than one viewpoints in some halls (marked with a black dot and provided with a hyperlink for relocation). Certain specimens on the panoramic images are outlined in red (hyperlink). Selecting the hyperlink displays information about the specimen itself.

Exhibitions and virtual tour — Hall 8 — Birds

The hall is on the second floor of the main museum building. Part of the exotic avifauna through the stuffed mounted skins of some large and spectacular bird species of Asia, Africa, Australia, North America and South America are exposed.

The following avian orders are shown: Struthioniformes, Rheiformes, Casuariiformes, Apterygiformes, Galliformes, Psittaciformes, Trogoniformes, etc.

Among the world’s rarities are: Apteryx owenii, Mitu mitu, Tragopan caboti, Lophophorus impejanus, Lophura diardi, Syrmaticus ellioti, Lophura swinhoei, Crossoptillon mantchuricum, Catreus wallichii, Pavo muticus, Probosciger aterrimus, Cacatua sulphurea, Cacatua goffini, Lathsamus discolor, Agapornis nigrigenis, Loriculus catamene, Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus, Aratinga auricapilla, Amazona pretrei, Amazona barbadensis, Amazona leucocephala, Conuropsis carolinensis, Strigops habroptillus, Pharomachrus mocino, etc.