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Staff publications

Tihomir Stefanov [publications]

Dimitrov, М., Houbenov, Z., Beshkov, S., Zlatkov, B., Stefanov, S., Tzankov, N. Shurulinkov, P, Petrov, B., Lazarov, S., Doncheva, N., Dimova, D., 2007. Guide for the planning of the activities in lands and forests in the forestry formation in the NATURA 2000 protected zones. — Phare, Sofia, 70 pp. [PDF]

Stefanov, T., Trichkova, T., 2004. Fish species diversity in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains. — In: Beron, P., Popov, A. (eds), Biodiversity of Bulgaria. II. Biodiversity of the Eastern Rhodopes (Bulgaria). Nat. Mus. Natur. His., Sofia.

Stefanov, T., 2004. Species diversity and distribution of fishes in Bulgaria. — In: Fet, V., Popov, A. (eds), Biogeography and Ecology of Bulgaria, Springer.

Стефанов, T., 2004. Ихтиологични проучвания в района на бившето Стралджанско блато и река Мочурица. — В: Вълчев, Д., Божилова, Е. (ред.), Природата на Карнобатския край, т. 1, 71—81.

Stefanov, T., Trichkova, T., Zivkov, M., 2003. Changes in the ichthyofauna of the Rhodope Mountains. — International Scientific Conference ‘50 Years University of Forestry’, Proceedings, 227—231.

Stefanov, T., 2001. Ichthyofauna of Struma River in the part between Kocherinovo railway station and the mouth of Strumeshnica River. — In: Biodiversity of Kresna Gorge (SW Bulgaria), P. Beron (Ed.), Sofia, 289—296 (in Bulgarian with English abstract).

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