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Alexi Popov [21 titles]
Ana Nahirnić [45 titles]
Andrei Stojanov [26 titles]
Antoaneta Ilcheva [4 titles]
Antoniya Hubancheva [2 titles]
Assen Ignatov [16 titles]
Borislav Guéorguiev [123 titles]
Boyan Petrov [61 titles]
Boyan Zlatkov [35 titles]
Chavdar Karov [18 titles]
Dimitar Dimitrov [4 titles]
Dimitar Uzunov [66 titles]
Dragomir Dimitrov [19 titles]
Emiliya Vacheva [9 titles]
Georgi Markov [20 titles]
Georgi Popgeorgiev [38 titles]
Iliya Dimitrov [10 titles]
Ilya Fabian Acosta [10 titles]
Irina Gerasimova [5 titles]
Ivan Mitev [15 titles]
Latinka Hristova [33 titles]
Mario Langourov [15 titles]
Miroslav Slavchev [5 titles]
Nadezhda Karastoyanova [11 titles]
Nedko Nedyalkov [28 titles]
Nia Toshkova [8 titles]
Nikolai Spassov [259 titles]
Nikolay Boev [666 titles]
Nikolay Simov [68 titles]
Nikolay Tzankov [105 titles]
Pavel Stoev [132 titles]
Petar Beron [33 titles]
Petar Shurulinkov [82 titles]
Rostislav Bekchiev [42 titles]
Rumyana Kostova [9 titles]
Salza Palpurina [14 titles]
Stanimira Deleva [7 titles]
Stanislav Abadjiev [65 titles]
Stoyan Beshkov [128 titles]
Stoyan Goranov [2 titles]
Stoyan Lazarov [43 titles]
Svetoslav Petrussenko [81 titles]
Sylvia Tosheva [5 titles]
Tihomir Stefanov [109 titles]
Violeta Zhelyazkova [15 titles]
Vladislav Vergilov [15 titles]
Yurii Kornilev [25 titles]
Zdravko Hubenov [169 titles]
Zdravko Kolev [27 titles]
Zlatozar Boev [743 titles]

Staff publications

— Database of National Museum of Natural History, Sofia staff publications
[3144 titles published]

Most recent publications

Vacheva, E. D., Naumov, B. Y., Tzankov, N. D., 2020. Diversity and Habitat Preferences in Lizard Assemblages (Reptilia: Sauria) from Model Territories in Western Bulgaria. — Acta zoologica bulgarica, 72 [accepted paper].

Todorov, M., Trichkova, T., Hubenov, Z., Jurajda, P., 2020. Faxonius limosus (Rafinesque, 1817) (Decapoda: Cambaridae), a New Invasive Alien Species of European Union Concern in Bulgaria. — Acta zoologica bulgarica, 72 (1): 113—121. [PDF]

Stoianova, D., Simov, N., Vu, M. Q., Nguyen, D. M., Grozeva, S., 2020. New data on karyotype, spermatogenesis and ovarian trophocyte ploidy in three aquatic bug species of the families Naucoridae, Notonectidae, and Belostomatidae (Nepomorpha, Heteroptera). — Comparative Cytogenetics, 14 (1): 139—156. DOI: 10.3897/CompCytogen.V14i1.48709

Šmiga, L., Fedorčák, J., Faltýnková, A., Stefanov, T., Bystrianska, J., Halačka, K., Koščová, L., Koščo, J., 2020. Endohelminth Parasites in Loaches Cobitis spp. (Actinopterygii: Cobitidae), with the First Record of Allocreadium transversale (Rudolphi, 1802) (Digenea: Allocreadiidae) in Bulgaria. — Acta zoologica bulgarica.

Shurulinkov, P., Daskalova, G., Popov, K, Dalakchieva, S.,Tsonev, R., Dimchev, I., Ralev, A., 2020. Recent changes in the presence status and numbers of ruddy shelduck (Tadorna ferruginea) in the Eastern Balkans. — Historia naturalis bulgarica, 41: 41—49.

Oláh, J., Vinçon, G., Andersen, T., Beshkov, S., Ciubuc, C., Coppa, G., Hendrich, L., Johanson, K. A., Salokannel, J., Szczesny, B., 2020. Revision of the European Rhyacophila fasciata species complex by fine phenomics of the paramere (Trichoptera, Rhyacophilidae). — Opusc. Zool. Budapest, 51 (1): 21—54. [PDF]

Naumov, B., Lukanov, S., Vacheva, E., 2020. Social media in service of biodiversity conservation: providing new locality for Ichthyosaura alpestris (Laurenti, 1768), a glacial relict in Bulgaria. — Herpetology notes, 13: 181—183.

Kryštufek, B., Hoffmann, I., Nedyalkov, N., Pozdnyakov, A., Vohralík, V., 2020. Cricetus cricetus (Rodentia: Cricetidae). — Mammalian Species, 52 (988): 10—26. DOI: 10.1093/mspecies/seaa001

Kostov-Kytin, V., Karov, Ch., Dimitrov, I., Nikolova, R., 2020. New investigations on the columbite from Vishteritsa locality, Western Rhodopes. — Comptes rendus de l’Acade ́mie bulgare des Sciences, 73 (5): 657—665. [PDF]

Käfer, H., Kovac, H., Simov, N., Battisti, A., Erregger, B., Schmidt, A. K. D., Stabentheiner, A., 2020. Temperature Tolerance and Thermal Environment of European Seed Bugs. — Insects, 11 (3) 197: 1—17. DOI: 10.3390/insects11030197

Franziska Günter, F., Beaulieu, M., Freiberg, K. F., Welzel, I., Toshkova, N., Žagar, A., Simčič, T., Fischer, K., 2020. Genotype-environment interactions rule the response of a widespread butterfly to temperature variation. — Journal of Evolutionary Biology. DOI: 10.1111/JEB.13623

Bogutskaya, N. G., Jelić, D., Vucić, M., Jelić, M., Diripasko, O., Stefanov, T., Klobučar, G., 2020. Description of a new species of Phoxinus from the upper Krka River (Adriatic Basin) in Croatia (Actinopterygii: Leuciscidae), first discovered as a molecular clade. — Journal of Fish Biology, 96: 378—393.

Boev, Z., Milošević, S., 2020. Late Pleistocene avifauna of the Pešturina Cave (Nišava District, SE Serbia) and its implications for Late Pleistocene refugia on the Central Balkans. — Bulletin of the Natural History Museum — Plovdiv, 4: 1—14. [PDF]

Boev, Z., Gradev, G., Klisurova, H., Klisurov, I., Petrov, R., 2020. First record of the northern bald ibis Geronticus eremita (Linnaeus, 1758) in Bulgaria. — Historia naturalis bulgarica, 41: 23—26. [PDF]

Boev, Z., 2020. Chauvireria bulgarica sp. n. — an extinct Early Pleistocene small phasianid of Phasianinae Horsfield, 1821 from Bulgaria. — Historia naturalis bulgarica, 41: 55—70. [PDF]

Boev, Z., 2020. New Data on the Fauna of the Late Antiquity Northern Fortification Walls of Serdica (3rd—6th century A.D.) from Building Excavations on Exarch Joseph Street (Sofia, Bulgaria). — Bulletin of the Natural History Museum — Plovdiv, 5: 15—23. [PDF]

Boev, Z., 2020. First European Neogene record of true pheasants from Gorna Sushitsa (SW Bulgaria). — Historia naturalis bulgarica, 41: 33—39. [PDF]

Boev, Z., 2020. Bird images in the mosaics of Late Antique basilicas in the town of Sandanski (Blagoevgrad Region, SW Bulgaria). — Historia naturalis bulgarica, 41: 13—21. [PDF]

Beshkov, S., Plant, C. W., Nahirnić, A., King, A., Jakšić, P., 2020. A contribution to knowledge of Balkan Lepidoptera: moths collected in May-June 2018 in Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, North Macedonia and Albania. — Entomologist’s Rec. J. Var., 132: 24—45. [PDF]

Beshkov, S., Plant, C. W., Nahirnić, A., 2020. A contribution to knowledge of the Balkan Lepidoptera: some species collected in Albania in August 2018. — Entomologist’s Rec. J. Var., 132: 129—152. [PDF]

Beshkov, S., Nahirnić, A., 2020. Contribution to the Knowledge of the Balkan Lepidoptera: Nocturnal Lepidoptera of Western Serbia (Lepidoptera). — Ecologica Montenegrina, 30: 93—112. DOI: 10.37828/em.2020.30.9 [PDF]

Beshkov, S., Nahirnić, A., 2020. Contribution to knowledge of the Balkan Lepidoptera (Lepidoptera: Macrolepidoptera). — Ecologica Montenegrina, 30: 1—27. DOI: 10.37828/em.2020.30.1 [PDF]

Beshkov, S., 2020. A contribution to knowledge of the Balkan Lepidoptera: new Geometridae species for Serbia. — Entomologist’s Rec. J. Var., 132: 71—73. [PDF]

Bekchiev, R., Crevecoeur, L., Gielen, K., Bosmans, B., Smets, K., Kostova, R., 2020. One Hundred Years of Solitude: Rediscovery of the Rare and Protected Beetle Rhysodes sulcatus (Fabricius, 1787) (Coleoptera: Rhysodidae) in Bulgaria. — Acta zoologica bulgarica, (in print) published online at http://www.acta-zoologica-bulgarica.eu/002372.

Alberdi, A., Razgour, O., Aizpurua, O., Novella-Fernandez, R., Aihartza, J., Budinski, I., Garin, I., Ibáñez, C., Izagirre, E., Rebelo, H., Russo, D., Vlaschenko, A., Zhelyazkova, V., Zrncic, V., Gilbert, T., 2020. Diet diversification shapes broad-scale distribution patterns in European bats. — Nature Communications, 11, 1154. DOI: 10.1038/s41467-020-14961-2

Abadjiev, S., Langourov, M., 2020. The type specimens of Papilionoidea in the collection of the National Museum of Natural History, Sofia (Lepidoptera). — Zootaxa, 4790 (3): 473—490. DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.4790.3.3

Боев, З., 2020. Тъжната съдба на средиземноморския тюлен в България. — Природа — БАН, 2: 106—112. [PDF]

Боев, З., 2020. Късно плейстоценската хроника на птиците от Ръжишката пещера. — Природа — БАН, 1: 80—88. [PDF]

Zlatkov, B., Huemer, P., 2019. Remarkable confusion in some Western Palearctic Clepsis leads to a revised taxonomic concept (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae). — ZooKeys, 885: 51—87.

Yankova, I., Marinov, M., Neov, B., Petrova, M., Spassov, N., Hristov, P., Radoslavov, G., 2019. Evidence for Early European Neolithic Dog Dispersal: New Data on Southeastern European Subfossil Dogs from the Prehistoric and Antiquity Ages. — Genes, 10 (10): 757. DOI: 10.3390/genes10100757

Vergilov, V., Kornilev, Y., 2019. Injuries reflecting intra- and interspecific interactions in the Snake-eyed Skink Ablepharus kitaibelii (Bibron & Bory de Saint-Vincent, 1833) (Squamata, Scincidae) from Bulgaria. — Herpetozoa, 32: 171—175. DOI: 10.3897/herpetozoa.32.e37735 [PDF]

Valkó, O., Labadessa, R., Palpurina, S., Burrascano, S., Ushimaru, A., Venn, S., 2019. Conservation and diversity of Palaearctic grasslands — Editorial to the 5th EDGG special issue in Hacquetia. — Hacquetia, 18: 143—146. DOI: 10.2478/hacq-2019-0011

Vagalinski, B., Golovatch, S., Akkari, N., Stoev, P., 2019. Simplogonopus rubellus (Attems, 1902) gen. n., comb. n. (Diplopoda: Polydesmida: Trichopolydesmidae): Revealing the Identity of an Enigmatic Eastern-Mediterranean Millipede. — Acta zoologica bulgarica, 71 (3): 325—334.

Uzunov, D., Conti, F., Gangale, C., Gullo, T., 2019. Scientific study on biodiversity of the protected landskape “Konjuh”. — CISP www.cisp-ngo.org, 2019, 17, 15, 87, 11—25, 93.

Tsvetanov, T., Zlatkov, B., 2019. Scythris sinensis (Felder & Rogenhofer, 1875), a new species for Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula (Insecta: Lepidoptera: Scythrididae). — ZooNotes, 146: 1—2.

Trichkova, T., Todorov, M., Georgiev, D., Hubenov, Z., 2019. Species composition and distribution of Mollusca (Gastropoda and Bivalvia) in the Bulgarian Sector of the Danube River and the adjacent wetlands. — In: Shurulinkov, P., Hubenov, Z., Beshkov, S., Popgeorgiev, G. (eds). Biogiversity of the Bulgarian-Romanian section of the Lower Danube. New York, Nova Science Publishers, 29—71. [PDF]

Todorov, I., Stojanova, A., Zlatkov, B., Hristov, G., Melika, G., 2019. New Data on the Parasitoid-Inquiline Community of Andricus quercustozae (Bosc, 1792) (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae) in Bulgaria. — Acta zoologca bulgarica, 71 (2): 301—303.

Stoev, P., Vagalinski, B., 2019. Myriapods (Myriapoda) of Vrachanski Balkan Nature Park, NW Bulgaria. — In: Bechev, D. & Georgiev, D. (Eds), Faunistic diversity of Vrachanski Balkan Nature Park. Part 2. ZooNotes, Supplement 7, Plovdiv University Press, Plovdiv: 23—32.

Stoev, P., Moritz, L., Wesener, T., 2019. Dwarfs under dinosaur legs: a new millipede of the order Callipodida (Diplopoda) from Cretaceous amber of Burma. — ZooKeys, 841: 79—96. DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.841.34991

Stoev, P., Deltshev, Ch., Marusik, Y., Fet, V., Kovařík, F., Guéorguiev, B., Dedov, I., Ljubomirov, T., Chobanov, D., Menliev, Sh., 2019. Fauna: Invertebrates inhabiting the soil surface. — In: Welch, J., Stoev, P. (eds). Report on scientific research supported by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds of Great Britain in the Koytendag Nature Reserve (East Turkmenistan). Advanced Books. Pensoft Publishers, Sofia, 33—38 pp. DOI: 10.3897/ab.e47154