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Historia naturalis bulgarica [contents]

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Historia naturalis bulgarica, Volume 17 (2006)

Karov, Chavdar,; Dimitrov, Iliya — A catalogue of the mineral species in the National Museum of Natural History, Sofia (Part 3): Borates; Phosphates, Arsenates and Vanadates; Wolframates and Molybdates; Sulphates, Selenites and Tellurites; Chromates; Carbonates; Nitrates and Iodates; Organic minerals: 5—26 (in English, summary in Bulgarian). [PDF]

Petrova, Antoaneta; Venkova, Diana; Sopotlieva, Desislava — Contribution to the flora of the Rhodopes and the Thracian plain: 27—33 (in English, summary in Bulgarian). [PDF]

Beron, Petar — A monograph on the ecology of Sofia: 34 (in Bulgarian).

Scheller, Ulf; Stoev, Pavel — First records of Symphyla (Myriapoda) from Bulgaria: 35—37 (in English, summary in Bulgarian). [PDF]

Stoev, Pavel — 22nd European Colloquium of Arachnology: 38 (in Bulgarian). [PDF]

Pandourski, Ivan; Evtimova, Vesela — First record of Eurytemora velox (Lilljeborg, 1853) (Crustacea: Copepoda: Calanoida) in Iceland with morphological notes: 39—42 (in English, summary in Bulgarian). [PDF]

Leseigneur, Lucien; Gueorguiev, Borislav — A contribution to the study of Bulgarian Throscidae (Coleoptera: Elateriformia): 43—46 (in English, summary in Bulgarian). [PDF]

Gueorguiev, Borislav — Sphindidae (Coleoptera: Cucujoidea) — a new family to the fauna of Bulgaria: 47—49 (in English, summary in Bulgarian). [PDF]

Gueorguiev, Borislav — Arachno-entomological investigations in forest ecosystems in the Maleshevska Planina Mts.: 50 (in Bulgarian). [PDF]

Gruev, Blagoy — The leaf beetles (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) of the Pirin Mountain (Bulgaria): 51—79 (in English, summary in Bulgarian). [PDF]

Popov, Alexi — Eberhard Undjian at seventy years of age: 80 (in Bulgarian). [PDF]

Ljubomirov, Toshko — The mutillid wasp collection of the National Museum of Natural History in Sofia (Hymenoptera: Mutillidae): 81—92 (in English, summary in Bulgarian). [PDF]

Bechev, Dimitar — New data about Keroplatidae (Diptera: Nematocera: Sciaroidea) in Bulgaria: 93—94 (in English, summary in Bulgarian).

Boev, Zlatozar — Pleistocene avifaunas of Bulgaria: a brief review: 95—107 (in English, summary in Bulgarian).

Boev, Zlatozar — First review of the biodiversity of the Eastern Rhodopes: 108 (in Bulgarian). [PDF]

Boev, Zlatozar — Late Holocene avian remains from the localities of the Roman period in Bulgaria: 109—123 (in English, summary in Bulgarian).

Boev, Zlatozar — Deuxieme trouvaille de la Bernache a cou roux Branta ruficollis (Pallas, 1769) (Aves: Anatidae) au Quaternaire en Bulgarie: 124 (in French). [PDF]

Boev, Zlatozar — Early Pleistocene avifauna of Kunino (NW Bulgaria): 125—132 (in English, summary in Bulgarian).

Boev, Zlatozar — Avian remains from the Early Bronze Age settlement near Dyadovo village (vicinity of the town of Nova Zagora, Stara Zagora Region, SE Bulgaria): 133—135 (in English, summary in Bulgarian). [PDF]

Popov, Alexi — A book on the biodiversity in Bulgaria: 136 (in Bulgarian). [PDF]

Mitev, Ivan — Subfossil finds of birds and mammals in accumulations of the food of Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo (L., 1758)) (Aves: Strigiformes) from the valley of Rusenski Lom river: 137—151 (in Bulgarian, summary in English). [PDF]

Beron, Petar — 120 years since the birth of Dr. Ivan Buresch, Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences: 152 (in Bulgarian).

Mitev, Ivan; Boev, Zlatozar — Food spectrum of the Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo (L., 1758)) (Aves: Strigiformes) from two Holocene localities in NE Bulgaria: 153—165 (in Bulgarian, summary in English). [PDF]

Langourov, Mario; Simov, Nikolay — Study on the biodiversity of model groups animals in communities of Quercus coccifera L.: 166 (in Bulgarian). [PDF]

Spassov, Nikolai; Spriridonov, Geko; Penev, Grigor — The discovery of an extinct species: Data for the recent presence of the Lynx (Lynx lynx L.) in Bulgaria and discussion of its status since 1941: 167—176 (in English, summary in Bulgarian). [PDF]