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Historia naturalis bulgarica [contents]

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Historia naturalis bulgarica, Volume 11 (2000)

Beshkov, Vladimir — Petar Beron at sixty years of age: 6—8 (in Bulgarian).

Beron, Petar — Events and dates in the life of Petar Beron: 9—15 (in Bulgarian).

Popov, Alexi — Taxa, named after Petar Beron: 16—24 (in Bulgarian).

Andreev, Stoitze; Bozarova, Fani — Type material of Isopoda (Crustacea: Oniscidea, Anthuridea) from the collections of the National Museum of Natural History in Sofia: 25—32 (in English, summary in Bulgarian).

Kozuharov, Dimitar — The zooplankton from some lakes and ponds in North Albania with different size and altitude: 33—37 (in English, summary in Bulgarian).

ZAR SIMEON II — Letter of congratulation for the 110th anniversary of the National Museum of Natural History: 38 (in Bulgarian).

Andreev, Stoitze — Apercu sur le genre Trichoniscus en Bulgarie et description d’une nouvelle espéce — Tiichoniscus garevi n. sp. (Isopoda, Oniscidea): 39—46 (in French, summary in Bulgarian).

Fet, Victor — Scorpions (Arachnida, Scorpiones) from the Balkan Peninsula in the collection of the National Museum of Natural History, Sofia: 47—60 (in English, summary in Bulgarian).

Petrov, Boyan — Cheiridiidae H. J. Hansen (Arachnida; Pseudoscorpiones), a new family for the fauna of Bulgaria: 61—64 (in English, summary in Bulgarian).

Beron, Petar — Studies on Erythraeoidea (Acari; Prostigmata) from Africa. I. The genera Cecidopus and Caeculisoma from Nigeria (Erythraeidae: Callidosomatinae): 65—72 (in English, summary in Bulgarian).

Gueorguiev, Borislav — Ground-beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) collected by Dr. Petar Beron from the Chinese Karakorum: 73—80 (in English, summary in Bulgarian).

Gueorguiev, Borislav; Muilwijk, Jan — Contribution to the Bulgarian ground-beetles fauna (Coleoptera: Carabidae). I. A genus and seven species, new for the country: 81—83 (In English, summary in Bulgarian).

Metcheva, Roumiana — Eco-physiological investigations of penguins — a contribution to Bulgarian Antarctic research: 84 (in Bulgarian).

Beshkov, Stoyan — On the presence of Agrotis ripae (Hubner, [1823]) in Balkan Peninsula (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae: Noctuinae): 85—95 (in English, summary in Bulgarian).

Popov, Alexi — Seventh International Symposium on Neuropterology, 6—9 August 2000, Budapest: 96 (in Bulgarian).

Stojanov, Andrei — Hornpanzeranomalien bei den Landschildkroten (Testudo gracca ibera und Testudo hermanni boettgeri) in Bulgarien: 97—105 (in German, summary in Bulgarian).

Motchurova-Dekova, Neda — Fourth International Congress on Brachiopoda, 10—14 July 2000, London: 106 (in Bulgarian).

Boev, Zlatozar — Early Pleistocene and Early Holocene avifauna of the Cherdzhenitsa Cave, Northwestern Bulgaria: 107—116 (in English, summary in Bulgarian).

Ivanova, Teodora — New data on bats (Mammalia: Chiroptera) from the Eastern Rhodopes, Greece (Thrace, Evros): 117—125 (in English, summary in Bulgarian).

Boev, Zlatozar — A book about the bird life of the Rhodopes: 126 (in Bulgarian).

Dimitrov, Dimitar; Vutov, Vassil — New chorological data on the Bulgarian higher flora: 127—131 (in English, summary in Bulgarian).

Beron, Petar — Alexandar Prostov (1926—2000): 132 (in Bulgarian).

Angelov, Angel — Freshwater molluscs (Mollusca: Gastropoda and Bivalvia) from the Srebarna Lake, Northeastern Bulgaria: 133—138 (in English, summary in Bulgarian).

Gyosheva, Melania; Fakirova, Violeta; Denchev, Cvetomir — Red list and threat status of Bulgarian macromycetes: 139—145 (in English, summary in Bulgarian).

Denchev, Cvetomir — Bulgarian Mycological Society: 146 (in English).

Popov, Alexi — Ten years of Historia naturalis bulgarica: 147—159 (in Bulgarian, summary in English).

Boev, Zlatozar — 70th anniversary of Dr Nikolai Iliev — a veterinarian, local lore researcher, archaeozoologist: 160 (in Bulgarian).